Center for History and Palaeography


Founded in 1974 by Professor Linos Politis, member of the Academy of Athens, the Centre for History and Palaeography (CHP / ΙΠΑ) is the oldest section of the Cultural Foundation of the National Bank of Greece (CFNBG / ΜΙΕΤ).

Aiming at preserving and photographing Collections of Manuscripts and Historical Archives, the CHP has conducted more than 250 in situ research trips creating an Archive of Microfilms of 9.500 manuscripts and 20 historical archives from collections of monastic, private and public libraries in the Greek mainland and the islands, in Cyprus, and the Patriarchal Libraries in Alexandria and Jerusalem, the Holy Monastery of St. Catherine in Sinai, and a selection of manuscripts from other libraries (Venice, Bucharest, Sofia, Kiev and Budapest).

CHP possesses its own Collections of Manuscripts (with more than 100 codices written in Greek and other languages, dated or datable between 11th-20th c.), documents and archival material as well as Collections of Incunabula and Rare Books (15th-20th c.). The Library of CHP includes specialised books on Greek Palaeography and Codicology (catalogues of manuscripts, handbooks, etc), Greek Typography, the history of Book and Libraries, and Modern Greek History.

CHP offers Courses in Greek Palaeography free of charge and organises lectures on palaeographical and historical themes in collaboration with other scholarly societies, research centres and academic institutions in Greece and abroad. Members of CHP conduct research and provide advice and information on collections of Greek manuscripts and the study of the manuscript book.

CHP possesses special reading and digitising equipment to assist researchers, while part of the Collections and Archive has already been digitised (funded by 3rd CSF (Community Support Framework) 2000-2006- European Union Operational Programme ‘Information Society’).

CHP is located at 3 Panagi Skouze Street, Athens
Visiting hours: 9:30-15:30 daily.
To plan your visit please call in advance on + 30 210 3221337 or contact by email:
Fax : + 30 210 3314610