From Claudius Ptolemy to Gerard Mercator
Area: Eynard Mansion
Location: Athens
Address: 20 Aghiou Konstantinou & Menandrou Sts
Store Opening: 22 Mar 2003
Duration: 22 Mar 2003 - 31 Jul 2020
Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 12.00 - 18.00 & Saturday 11.00 - 17.00

From Claudius Ptolemy to Gerard Mercator

This exhibition included about 70 maps of the "Ptolemaic Renaissance" of various cartographers such as Munster, Ortelius and Mercator, which with a new projection method applied to its maps, opens a new period for the history of cartography. The 16th century is important for the history of Cartography as Europe has a true geographical boom due largely to the discovery and dissemination of Ptolemy's Geography in the western world.


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