The principal concern of MIET since its founding has been to develop a publications programme of scholarly works of general educational appeal, aimed at students and the wider cultivated readership.

MIET's publishing activity over the last thirty years has produced approximately 300 titles of original and translated studies in the fields of history and archaeology, philosophy, classics, Byzantine and modern literature, linguistics, history of science and art.

Outstanding among the thematic cycles are Modern Greek Prosopography, with biographies of important personalities in Modern Greek culture, the Byzantine and Modern Greek Library, with critical publications of earlier literature, as well as illustrated books on Greek archaeological treasures, the Byzantine legacy and Modern Greek art.

The publications programme is planned by a special committee of members of the Foundation's Board of Directors. Its aim is to produce books of recognized value in the international bibliography, which are both inspiring readings and university reference books of high quality.

The Foundation's books, written or translated by accredited scholars and produced by experienced editors, aim to meet the highest specifications of scientific and aesthetic ethics.

For book orders please contact

Head of publications  Antigone Philippopoulou

13 Thoukydidou St, 105 58 Athens
Tel. 0030 210 3230841, Fax 0030 210 3227057

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Παλαιοχριστιανική και βυζαντινή αρχιτεκτονική


Παλαιοχριστιανική και βυζαντινή αρχιτεκτονική
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